Four individuals have been arrested in Mijas for supposedly kidnap an acquaintance who was held overnight in an abandoned house without electricity to steal 6,500 euros from his bank account, but not before beating him up and threatening him with a gun.

Along with the four suspects, investigators have arrested a 21 year old for her supposed role as a necessary cooperator, since she would have served the plot as hook for the victima resident of the eastern part of Malaga capital, with whom this woman would have contacted through a social network and proposed to stay in an isolated area, where he was forced into a car and driven to the place of his captivity .

This was reported this Friday by the National Police in a statement, pointing out that the events that started the investigation, in the so-called ‘Criptiano’ operation, carried out by agents of the Provincial Police Station’s Robbery Group, took place on September 10, around 9:30 p.m.

The victim he had made an appointment with an unknown woman in an isolated area of ​​Mijas after a first virtual contact. While he was waiting for her inside her vehicle, two vehicles appeared, four men getting out of them. In just a few seconds, the assailants, who were bare-faced and who were known to the victim, dealt him several blows and heand forced into one of the carsintimidating him with a firearm.

After a journey of about seven or eight minutes, the victim was taken to an abandoned house in the area. In the dark, they allegedly held him for approximately seven hours. At that time, “always under threats and intimidation, they beat him up and took his bank passwordsoperating with their mobile terminal and the bank’s ‘app'”, they have indicated, specifying that they managed to take 6,500 euros.

Also, below two of the robbers they took the keys to the house of the victim and went there while the illegal detention lasted. in the house they seized another 300 euros and branded items.

Extortion continued for cryptocurrencies

Finally, the captured person was released by his kidnappers at 05:00, according to the National Police. In the following days, the victim continued to be extorted by those investigated, who wanted to obtain more money for their part, now in cryptocurrencies.

The case, which had been brought to the attention of the Police, brought its first results when one of the suspects had met with the victim at a gas station in the eastern area to receive money. Agents from the Robbery Group arrested the suspect.

After that first arrest, the other three assailants were added, all of them for their alleged involvement in the crimes of illegal detention, robbery with violence and drug trafficking. Likewise, the only woman investigated was also arrested, who had deceived the victim so that the rest of the authors had real access to him.

Three entry and search procedures were carried out at the homes of the suspects, seizing a pistol charger with several projectiles, 9,815 euros, 172 grams of cocaine, 237 grams of hashish, 14 bitcoin purchase tickets, an electronic scale, handwritten notes, among other effects.

From the facts he knows Court of Instruction number 4 of Fuengirolawho decreed at the time provisional prison for these events, have indicated from the Police Station.

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