The National Police have arrested a 58-year-old caregiver of course mistreatment of two elderly women in the Malaga municipality of Marbella.

The suspect turned out to be daughter and niece, respectively, of the victims, both nonagenarians. According to the proceedings carried out, the injured suffered mphysical and psychological treatment on a regular basis at the family home, the National Police has indicated in a statement.

The researchcarried out by agents attached to the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM) of the Marbella Police Station, was initiated at the request of the Malaga Provincial Prosecutor’s Office after receiving a complaint pointing to the socio-sanitary risk situation of two elderly women in the town.

Investigators gathered information about the victims, two elderly dependents, aged 90 and 97who lived in the same address in the city of Marbella together with a caregiver.

According to the investigations, the nonagenarians were frequently assisted by health services of the locality in relation to injuries compatible with physical aggressions.

Also, the environment of the victims also confirmed the suspicions of the agents, who collected evidence that corroborated the usual episodes of physical abuse, humiliation and screaming suffered by the victims. After these mistreatments, a 58-year-old woman would be found, who turned out to be the daughter and niece, respectively, of the old women.

In addition to the state of neglect generated for the victimsthe caregiver would also have refused the necessary admission of one of the elderly women to a suitable center where she would receive the appropriate care, all with the objective, apparently, of not ceasing her condition as an assistant and thus not losing an economic benefit associated with the position.

Finally, the agents arrested the suspect for her alleged responsibility in a crime of ill-treatment, while the harmed have entered an appropriate center to receive care according to their state of health, thus remedying the situation of mistreatment and helplessness to which they were exposed. In addition, the competent judicial authority has issued a restraining order of the investigated with respect to the victims.

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