He intended to leave the country with three luxury watches stolen in Marbellawhose value was €340,000, but the National Police intercepted him at Malaga airport. The detainee is a 34-year-old man who had committed the assaults on the street, in the towns of Marbella and Estepona.

According to the investigations, the arrested was riding a motorcycle along the west coast from the province of Malaga, together with a buddy. Thus, from his position as co-pilot, the person identified by the National Police selected his possible victim, getting out of the vehicle to approach her and surprisingly rip off the watch she was wearing on her wrist. In the three clarified cases, the booty turned out to be a top luxury watch.

The investigation, carried out by agents of the Urban Crime Investigation Group of the Marbella Police Station, with the collaboration of the UDEV of the Estepona Police Station and the Robbery Group of the Provincial Police Station, focused on clarifying two robberies of luxury watches in the city of marbella and a third assault in the town of Estepona.

According to the reported facts, one of the victims was assaulted on May 11 while walking down the street. the alleged assailant he grabbed her arm and snatched her watch bracelet, causing injury.

In a similar context, this time on May 26, another victim, who was driving a convertible, was approached while waiting to access a car park. A stranger got into the car and violently took the watch from him.

These two criminal offenses were related to a third case that occurred on May 30, in the town of Estepona. The victim was robbed, after getting out of her car, when he was about to access his home. An individual with characteristics similar to the perpetrator of the two previous events stole the watch from his wrist.

The procedures carried out by the agents made it possible to connect the dots and identify one of those responsible, who would have used the same clothing in all rounds.

Thus, last June 7, investigators located at Malaga airport to one of those investigated when he was about to take a flight to leave the country. In the suitcase he was carrying, the agents seized the clothing used in the robberies. Likewise, documentation with obvious signs of manipulation was seized, for which he was also arrested for a crime of document fraud.

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