The National Police has arrested in Estepona to a couple of pickpockets who was presumably dedicated to stealing from commercial establishments in that municipality and others on the Costa del Sol. Those arrested are a man and a woman aged 60 and 55, respectively, and of Romanian nationality.

The Local Police Station established a prevention device against the increase in careless robberies in the area, and they were discovered red-handed after stealing a tourist’s wallet in a shopping center in Marbella.

The facts that determined the start of the device and investigation have their origin in the month of March, when a woman reported the theft of her wallet to the Estepona Local Police Station without even realizing it. The agents of the UDEV Patrimony group of the town, faced with this declaration and other similar events carried out in establishments and shopping centers, decided to establish a device for the prevention and investigation of thefts.

The police investigations carried out allowed, at the beginning of this month of May, to identify a man and a woman between 50 and 60 years oldwho on previous occasions have already been the subject of investigation for similar events in various locations on the Malaga coast.

Therefore, a device of discreet surveillance about these people, observing the agents, on May 6, as they tried to approach several citizens in an establishment in Estepona, without reaching any abduction.

Given that the thefts did not materialize, those under investigation, and closely followed by the agents, went to a marbella shopping center. Once inside the establishment, they entered a fashion store, where they located two tourists who were looking at the clothes on display as their target.

The couple narrowed the distance with one of their victims, taking advantage of the fact that she was distracted and, with the help of various garments on the arm, they stole the wallet. Those under investigation, who were being observed at all times by the agents, once the wallet “chopped” tried to rush out of the establishment, where they were intercepted by the police, who recovered the wallet from an inside pocket of the under investigation.

Subsequently, the researchers carried out a home search of detainees where it was found that, on some occasion, the cards found in the stolen wallets would have been used by the detainees to withdraw cash at ATMs, and deposit it into their own accounts. The detainees, who were charged with various crimes of theft and fraud, were made available along with the proceedings of the Investigating Court number 5 of Estepona.

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