The National Police arrested a neighbor last Monday in Estepona of the town, aged 50, for his alleged involvement in a crime simulation crime. The suspect reported that a young man on a scooter had snatched a mobile phone, valued at 1,400 euros, from his hand while he was making a video call on public roads. The agents have arrested him after confess the complainant who had faked the facts to the object of receive insurance compensation.

The research It began on April 12 after a citizen went to the Estepona Police Station to report a robbery with violence or intimidation. This person informed the agents that a young man, on an electric scooter, had stolen his next-generation mobile phone with a jerk. while I was making a video call on Malaga street.

The agents’ attention was drawn to the brief description made by the victim of the alleged perpetrator of the robbery, who, apparently, left the place at high speed in the opposite direction to the injured person’s march. After the practice of various inquiries, the complainant himself confessed that he had faked the facts to obtain compensation from his insurance, not achieving his purpose. According to the investigations, the The telephone whose theft had been denounced by the person under investigation was in the possession of his former sentimental partner.

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