The National Police has detained in Estepona to a 32-year-old man after allegedly committing more than twenty theft inside vehicles in this town and in those of Marbella and Casares. In the search of his home, the investigators have intervened effects from the robberies, among them 20 sunglasses of the first brands, more than ten telephones, four tablets, laptops, high-end watches, different clothing items, a projector movie and golf clubs; effects valued at more than 60,000 euros.

The investigation It was started after detecting the agents of the local Estepona police station a significant increase in thefts inside vehicles in recent weeks. The first steps pointed to a series of thefts that presented a link, after the theft of personal effects from cars, including bank cards, they would have been immediately used at various service stations.

Finally, the agents managed to identify the author of the robberies, an old acquaintance of the investigators and with antecedents for acts of the same nature, they have specified from the National Police in a statement.

For your criminal practice used a motorcycle as a means of transportation who was intervened on the same day of her arrest, on October 18. Inside, they seized a series of effects that, after the appropriate steps, turned out to come from thefts inside vehicles.

Continuing with the investigations, authorization was requested from the competent judicial authority, for the timely entry and registration at the residence of the detainee. In the home, the agents found a high number of effects from the thefts, including a score of top brand sunglasses, more than ten mobile phones, four electronic devices, laptops, high-end watches, clothing, footwear, sneakers, purses, handbags, a movie projector, bags and golf clubs. Some of these objects have already been identified and returned to their rightful owners, clarifying a score of complaints.

The person under investigation has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the crimes of robbery with force and the crime of theft inside a vehicle. At this time, the procedures are continuing, not ruling out that there are more injured.

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