Police officers have arrested a resident of the municipality of Fuengirola who was harboring a marijuana crop on his terrace that could be seen from the same street by any passer-by.

In a search of the suspect’s home, investigators have seized 27 cannabis sativa plants in the growth phase, 1,432 grams of marijuana already dried and ready for distribution, four boxes of seeds of this substance, 17 bottles of fertilizers and 600 euros in cash, among other effects, they have indicated from the National Police in a statement.

The investigation, carried out by agents attached to the Judicial Police of the Fuengirola Local Police Station, began after receiving information that pointed to the existence of a marijuana crop on the terrace of a building in the Costa del Sol town.

The investigators located the property under suspicion and confirmed from the street the existence of the cultivation of cannabis sativa. Thus, with the authorization of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Fuengirola, the agents carried out the corresponding diligence of entry and search of the property.

After the action, the agents arrested the person responsible for the cultivation, a 33-year-old citizen who was arrested for his alleged involvement in a crime against public health, and seized 27 cannabis sativa plants, 1,432 grams of dry marijuana ready for sale, four boxes of seeds, 17 cans of fertilizers, various logistics for drying the substance and 600 euros in cash.

The intervened drug had a gross weight of about 28 kilograms, adding the weight of the plants to the 1,432 grams of dry marijuana already ready for distribution.

In addition, inside the house of the arrested person, the agents found a room with a sophisticated electric drying system for leaves and buds that greatly shortened production and harvest times. Another of the activities carried out by the suspect would be to collect seeds from the plants for later commercialization.

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