The National Police has stopped in the city of Marbella still fugitive of British justice, a 32-year-old man, who had an International Arrest Warrant (OID) in force, for crimes of conspiracy to commit murder and drug trafficking.

The fugitive was wanted by the British authorities after failing to attend a court hearing while out on bail, the National Police said in a statement. International cooperation channels, through the OCN-Interpol, have contributed to finding the whereabouts of the suspect, who had been a fugitive from British justice since December 2021.

Thus, they have explained that in recent times, the inquiries carried out by agents of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade from the Malaga Police Station, together with their counterparts from the Greco Costa del Sol of the Organized Crime Section of the General Police Station of the Judicial Police, allowed the fugitive to be located on the coast.

According to the investigations, he identified himself on June 19 when he got out of a taxi on Avenida Severo Ochoa in Marbella from the neighboring town of Estepona. The National Police arrested him when they found an International Arrest Warrant.

According to the search warrant, the suspect would have acquired a firearm and would have offered money and organized the transfer of several men to the city of Glasgow, in Scotland, in order to murder a person. In addition, it would be related to crimes of drug traffic. The man arrested in Marbella for the aforementioned International Arrest Warrant was placed at the disposal of the Central Investigating Court number 3 of the National Court.

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