The local police marbella has recovered a briefcase with a photographic equipment valued at about 6,000 euros and has arrested the alleged perpetrator of the Stole with force, which was removed from a vehicle after breaking its window.

The agents located the alleged thief and the stolen material, which had been hidden with the help of a second person inside a portal, as reported by the Marbella City Council in a statement.

The events took place on January 15, around 12:15 a.m., when a police unit that carried out plainclothes surveillance service in the western district area received a communication from the Headquarters Control Room warning of the existence of a car with a broken glass.

Thus, appearing at the scene, the agents verified that the window of the vehicle, of the Ford brand and German registration, was broken and the interior was scrambled. After various efforts, they located his owner, which was staying in a hotel and denounced the lack of a briefcase with photographic material. The equipment, according to the German citizen, had a value of about 6,000 euros.

The policemen, who had previously observed two people around the area with a shopping cart, proceeded to inspect the nearby area and discovered one of the two individuals in a porch in a suspicious attitude.

The man, with an identity card from Romania, showed an aggressive attitude against the agents, who were forced to restrain him. Her companion, a woman born in Cádiz, appeared at the scene and confessed that the detainee had given her a bag that she had hidden inside the portal.

The troops of the Marbella Local Police They located and recovered the equipment, consisting of a Lowepro brand case, a Sony camera, two lenses, an adapter, a filter, a micro and a memory card. The detainee was transferred to the premises of the Headquarters as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of robbery with force.

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