The National Police has detained in Marbella, a 27-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a stab wound crime. The investigator, who attacked two young people at the doors of a drinking establishment, went to the hospital where they were being cared for try to attack them again.

The events occurred at dawn on May 2 in the town of San Pedro Alcántara, at the gates of a drinking establishment. At the scene, a 27-year-old man started an altercation with another person whom he threw a bottle finally, hit the face of a third who came to the aid of the other victim, as reported by the Provincial Police Station in a statement.

Moments later, the alleged author, who had been absent taking advantage of the confusion of those present, returned to the establishment and with a knife -about 15 centimeters- attacked young peopleimmediately fleeing the scene again.

Given what happened, the witnesses requested through 091 the presence of a police crew. Upon arrival, the agents found two injured men, so they commissioned an ambulance for their assistance. The victims, after a first on-site assessment, were rushed to the hospital. One of them had cuts on the back and arms produced with a knife.

In it hospitalwhile one of the victims was treated for being in a state of semi-consciousness and the other waited in the admissions area, the aggressor appeared with the intention of attacking the injured again. The man had to be held by security guards, who notified the Police, finally proceeding to arrest him. The arrested person and the police proceedings have already been made available to the Investigating Court number 3 of Marbella.

At the moment, there is no fear for the life of the two attacked that they are out of danger.

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