A 44-year-old man has been arrested in Marbella for allegedly scam 28,000 euros to a company in Córdoba by introducing a trojan in your system, before you withdraw this money. The Civil Guard has blocked the account of this computer criminal, accused of the crimes of fraud, false documents and disclosure of secrets.

In a statement, the Civil Guard explained that new arrests are not ruled out and that the affected company will be able to recover the money that has been defrauded once the open judicial process is over.

The operation, called ‘Operation Ceobec’, has been carried out by the new specialized cybercrime unit ‘Equipo@’ of the Civil Guard of Córdoba, within the framework of an investigation related to fraud against companies in the province through the BEC-method

As explained by the Civil Guard, the new unit has carried out this operation during the months of May and June 2022. The ‘BEC’ method maintains a ‘modus operandi’ in which cybercriminals spoof email accounts organizations, institutions and, above all, companies, with the ultimate goal of intercepting or redirecting financial transactions.

In them, the victim believes that he is contacting his original interlocutor by email, but who he is really contacting is the cybercriminals, accessing proposals such as the payment of payments to other bank accounts or the shipment of merchandise.

The ‘Team@’ of the Civil Guard Command of Córdoba, once learned of the complaint filed by a company of Villanueva de Córdoba, victim of this type of crime, began his investigation. Thus, he analyzed the computer equipment and the compromised email domains, managing to clarify the facts and block the account in time so that those affected could recover the swindled money once the judicial process is over.

As a result of the investigation carried out, it was possible to identify the alleged perpetrator of the events, a 44-year-old Spanish person who lives in the town of Marbella, who has been detained by the alleged crimes of fraud, false documents and disclosure of secretswhich is why he was immediately brought to justice.

The operation performed by Civil Guard remains open and new arrests are not ruled out. The detainee and the proceedings carried out have been handed over to the judicial authority.

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