The National Police have arrested in Marbella a man as responsible for the crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets and another for ill-treatment in the family. Apparently, the investigated published intimate images of his ex-partner without his consent through social networks and, in addition, he sent the images accompanied by a humiliating message to the victim’s current partner.

The research It began in mid-February, as a result of a complaint filed by a young woman who claimed to have been the victim of a crime against her privacy. In her statement, her detriment alleged that her ex-partner had spread intimate images of her without her consent. Apparently, after ending the relationshipher ex-partner threatened to publish intimate videos and photos if she rebuilt her life with another person.

During the first investigations carried out, the police found out that the investigated would have used several false profiles on social networks to publish the videos and photographs, hindering the investigation and, above all, the total elimination of the degrading content shared without prior authorization. One of the people who received the images accompanied by a humiliating message about the woman, undermining her personal privacy and directly attacking her dignity, was her current boyfriend.

The victim has been significantly affected by these eventscausing him an uneasiness that has affected the normal development of his daily life, they have specified from the National Police in a statement.

As a consequence thereof, the policemen found out the full identity of the suspect that, after being located, he was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets and another crime of ill-treatment in the family.

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