The National Police have arrested two men and a woman in Marbella as allegedly responsible for numerous thefts and scams. They took advantage of the carelessness of their victims to steal their belongings from inside restaurants, supermarkets or shopping centers of the locality. On some occasion, immediately after the abduction, they used the bank cards of their victims at ATMs close to the place.

This investigation, carried out by agents of the Marbella Local Police Station, has been carried out after having knowledge of numerous thefts, produced inadvertently, inside establishments in the town.

They camouflaged their appearance to avoid being identified

The investigations made it possible to identify three people, two men and one woman, who were inadvertently stealing the belongings of their victims. They performed in restaurants, shopping centers and supermarkets in the Marbella town, as well as in nearby cities such as Mijas, Fuengirola or Estepona.

To hide their faces and physical characteristics -and thus make it difficult to identify them- they wore caps, hats, sunglasses and other accessories.

The modus operandi used is basic and simple. While one of the men was placed between the victim and his belongings, thereby covering the field of vision, the woman stole the belongings or bags – supported on the backs of the chairs – as well as effects from the inside of shopping carts or shopping carts. baby. On some occasion, they used bank cards previously stolen from ATMs close to the scene.

Finally, on November 2, the agents proceeded to locate and arrest him in Marbella. To date they are charged 14 crimes of theft and two of fraud.

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