The National Police has a 20-year-old girl arrested in Marbella for allegedly trying strangle her roommate until he loses consciousness. He earlier had hit her with a metal-tipped umbrella. All this, after the victim accused her of steal food from the fridge.

He is accused of a crime of attempted murder, as reported this Tuesday from the Provincial Police Station, which indicates that the problems of coexistence between the two would have been the trigger for the aggression. The victim, 38 years oldhad to be treated at a medical center and there is no fear for her life.

The events took place last Friday, around 7:15 p.m., when a notice to the Intelligent Center for Command, Communication and Control (cimacc-091) warned that a person was trying to stab another in a home. The call to the emergency services was made by the home ownerwho had rented his flat, living with the two womenone of them, with a minor in her care.

Once at the house, the patrol was received by the owner. The agents quickly assisted one of the tenants inside her room, who did not respond to any stimulus and presented redness on the neck and pale skin. The policemen placed her in a lateral security position and notified the health services.

After a few moments, the woman regained consciousness and was able to offer her own version of events. At the same time, the agents located in another room of the house the alleged aggressor, who remained with her daughteryoung.

According to the investigations carried out, the detainee and the victim began an argument on the day of the events when the latter accused her roommate of steal food from the fridge. From there, the 20-year-old girl punched the other tenant several times, also hit her head with a metal-tipped umbrella and pounced on her, exerting pressure with both hands on her neck until she lost control. knowledge.

Was the owner of the housewho was at that time in the house, which got in the way between the two, preventing her from continuing to strangle her when the woman was already motionless.

Given the facts described, the Police arrested the suspect, and she was brought to court on April 3. The case has been taken over by the Investigating Court number 5 of Marbella.

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