Agents of the National Police have arrested in Marbella a 27-year-old man, allegedly responsible for four violent robberies and a crime of theft. The investigated chose his victims among elderly people and gave them a strong pull to subtract their effects, sometimes causing them to fall to the ground. The agents have recovered jewelry stolen by the investigated in a trading establishment.

The investigation began with a series of violent robberies that occurred in Marbella, elderly people. The first investigations led the agents to determine that the author of all these abductions could be the same person and they directed the investigation there.

The victims, mainly elderly or elderly people, were approached by the person under investigation on public roads and, after give them a hard yank, he stole their bags or effects they were carrying. On some occasions, the violence exerted on its victims caused them to rush onto public roads, resulting in injuries that required medical assistance.

The steps taken by the agents of the Marbella Local Police Station made it possible to locate and recover various jewels that the person under investigation had stolen and that he had sold in establishments selling second-hand items.

Once they obtained the full identity of the alleged perpetrator, he was located and detained, accusing him of four crimes of robbery with violence and one of theft. The facts are known by the Investigating Court on duty in Marbella.

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