The National Police has arrested a footballer 30 years for allegedly having given a punched a referee in Marbella, 21 years old, during a match of the Tercera Andaluza Senior. The 21-year-old victim suffered “a head injury, concussion with loss of consciousness, closed nasal bone fracture, and whiplash,” as reflected in her medical report.

The attack took place on March 5 during the Nueva Andalucía – Cala de Mijas match, but the National Police reported on Wednesday the arrest of the player, who ran away the sports venue after the violent attack on the referee. Specifically, he has been arrested for his alleged responsibility in a crime of injury.

According to the complaint filed by the referee, Cristóbal Herrera, at around 8:15 p.m., after a goal from the visiting team and while he was writing down the goal in his notebook, a local player approached him and, surprisingly, punched him in the face It caused him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

After first assistance at the sports facilities, the referee was transferred by the health workers to a hospital in Marbella, presenting, according to the optional report, “cranial trauma, concussion with loss of consciousness, fractured nasal bones and whiplash“.

The assailant fled on the run.

The facts were denounced by the victim, beginning the corresponding investigation by agents of the Local Judicial Police Brigade of the Marbella Police Station.

According to the investigations carried out, the player left the sports venue on the run once he attacked the referee, and could not be located at that moment by the patrols that came to the place.

Finally, the investigators identified and located the person responsible for the attack, who was arrested in relation to the facts, which have already been brought to the attention of the judicial authority and the Andalusian Sports Administrative Court.

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