The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Ines Arrimadas, has insisted this Sunday that for the next Andalusian elections “there are many parties, but only one way to guarantee that Andalusia continues to grow and continue to advance as it has done up to now”. “Voting for the left is throwing away the vote because they are not going to govern, but voting for any other political option that is not Ciudadanos is a box of surprises, is playing it to the lottery”, has warned

This has been pointed out by Arrimadas in Mijas (Málaga) during the pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Paz together with the party’s candidate for the province of Malaga, Nuria Rodriguez; the national deputy, William Diaz; the Andalusian senator, Jose Luis Munoz Lagaresand the regional organization secretary, AAndres Reche, where he has once again insisted that “we need to continue maintaining this project in Andalusia, which has brought such good results”.

Arrimadas, in the first place, lamented and condemned the alleged sexist murder that occurred in Benajarafe, in the Malaga municipality of Vélez-Málaga, “yet another; the data is unbearable and Cs is the guarantee that the Junta de Andalucía continues to have policies for women and battered women”.

On the other hand, he has insisted that “we don’t want to risk it, we want to go to the safe vote” of Ciudadanos, he said, while adding that “it is the only liberal vote that guarantees social policies, but also economic growth policies.” “Ciudadanos is the only party that is voted for to make social policies with heart and economic policies with head”.

In this regard, Arrimadas has said that “we promise that in the first hundred days of the next legislature, Citizens are going to bring an anti-florist law to Andalusiaa law against charges that we are seeing in other autonomous communities that receive a great salary and have a retinue of advisers and on top of that they do nothing “.

“We are going to shield so that this cannot be done in Andalusia because we had already been plugged into the PSOE for 37 years and we are not going to have plugged in and little charges now receiving a salary,” the leader of the orange formation has sentenced, while pointing out that “Citizens is committed and, as stated in its program, to carry out an anti-vase law; vWe are going to shield Andalusia from those who want to come and collect without workingthat we know very well what it is from the previous socialist stage in Andalusia”.

Also during his speech, Arrimadas stressed that “today we are at the door of a school, but it is more than a school, is a symbol. It is a symbol of what can be achieved when the Ciudadanos party, the liberal party, reaches the institutions.”

At this point, he pointed out that “for many years, the parents’ associations and the people of Mijas have fought, they have demanded and requested this school and it has been a reality when Citizens entered the institutions“. In fact, he has highlighted that “to this day the team that Javier Imbroda formed continues to work to complete this historic demand with the construction of an Institute”.

“In few municipalities like Mijas you can see the good of the management of Citizens because we have been in the institutions for seven years, seven years of good management, seven years of liberalism and today Mijas is a liberal beacon, a beacon of good management not only for Malaga but for the rest of Andalusia”, he assured, also valuing the work of the “candidate hurricane of energy, optimism and work” in allusion at the head of the Cs list for the province, Nuria Rodríguez.

For its part, the candidate for Malaga She has recalled the work of Ciudadanos to make the Indira Gandhi Infant and Primary school a reality, in Las Lagunas de Mijas, before which both she and the president of the party have stopped during a break from the pilgrimage.

“This school is a symbol of what is achieved when Citizens reach the institutions”, he said, “but we are non-conformists, we wanted to go further”, he remarked after pointing out the adjoining works of the new institute, started with the arrival of Cs to the Andalusian government. The candidate has asked for the voters’ confidence in Ciudadanos to “completely eliminate corruption.”

He also added that “today we talk about Malaga as an international benchmark, there is no talk of corruption because we have eliminated it“. He added that “that is what happens when Citizens arrive at the administrations”.

“Since Ciudadanos has been in the administrations, they have talked about eliminating corruption, they have talked about Malaga being a benchmark because they told us that now the young people are going to have to go abroad, not only do they not have to go abroad, but what’s more Malaga is spoken of as an international benchmark“, Rodríguez has said. At this point, he has reproached the parties for causing fear with the elimination of social policies: “Stop causing fear”.

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