Tourism is a fundamental factor in La Cosa del Sol, which is why the Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol, AEHCOS, affirms that there is currently more hospitality occupation than last year. This is because people have more confidence when traveling but the occupancy levels of 2019 have not yet been reached, which was one of the best years for tourism in recent decades.

As reported by the Vice President of AEHCOS, Javier Hernandez, in August a 66% occupancy was expected and in the last two weeks there has been a stitching of 8.8% rise, which places occupancy at 72.7%. In addition, hotel reservations have been affected by the restrictions in the United Kingdom, making the offer at 50% at the beginning of July and now, once these restrictions are removed, the offer stands at 97%.

It should be noted that the demand for national tourism has skyrocketed, something that was not usual. It is noted that in this month of August 68% of tourism has been national and only 32% international.

The forecasts for the month of September are 51.2% occupancy and 47% for the month of October. “These are encouraging figures but not those expected by the hospitality sector, even so it is expected that these figures will improve in the coming dates,” Hernández argues.

So that the sector can recover and continue to develop normally, hoteliers send a message to public administrations and ask for prudence when it comes to allowing massive events that may cause a sixth wave to be held and send them back to the levels of the year 2020.

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