The operational direction of the INFOCA Plan has authorized the “orderly and gradual” return home of the 250 residents of Genalguacil, who were still evacuated and temporarily housed in Ronda.

In addition, the MA-8301, MA-8302 and MA-8304 highways have also been authorized to reopen to traffic, and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has been deactivated, which deployed some 250 troops and up to six aircraft in this fire. Group 43 amphibians.

Last night the return of the 1,366 evacuees was authorized in Faraján (261), Alpandeire (263), Juzcar (214), Pujerra (308) and Jubrique (320). In the latter municipality, 300 people were evicted from the main nucleus, and the rest of the areas of The Monarda and Blue puddle.

During the weekend, those evicted in the Montemayor urbanization of Benahavís, and in several urbanizations of Estepona: almost 1,400 people, out of a total of 3,000 evacuees in total.

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