The Department of the Environment will celebrate five activities between October 3 and December 12 within the ‘Outings to Nature’ program for this fall. The routes are free and to participate in them it is only necessary to register through the forms that will be available every Monday prior to departure. In addition, the outings will be led by staff from the municipal delegation and some of them will involve volunteers from different associations. “We are in a new edition of a traditional program in our municipality, in the open air, after a complicated year in which they had to be suspended to avoid crowds and that together we contribute to overcoming the health crisis”, declared the director general of the branch, María Victoria Martín-Lomeña.

Likewise, he has detailed that “the difference with respect to previous editions of the Covid-19 is that they do not organize pick-ups by bus, but that we will meet at each of the Outings to Nature”, and that, in addition, the definition of these first ones have been carried out together with ‘Women in the Veredas’.

The agenda will begin on October 3 with the Salvador Moreno Family route, with a distance of 3.2 kilometers, four hours long, low difficulty and circular route. In this case, the registration is already open. The outdoor activity will continue on October 24 with Nagüeles-Mina de Buenavista-Los Monjes-Nagüeles, with a distance of 8 kilometers, five hours, medium difficulty and also circular route.

On November 14 it will be the turn of Vereda del Faro, 8.3 kilometers, medium difficulty, five hours long and circular, while on the 28th of that same month the exit to The Three Valleys, of medium-high difficulty, 8.5 kilometers long, 6 hours long and circular. The fall program will conclude on December 12 with the climb to La Concha, 14 kilometers and medium-high difficulty, 8 hours long and round trip.

With regard to the general bases to participate in this program, minors under 18 years of age will have to be accompanied by an adult, who is responsible at all times for the behavior of the minor, and must present at the same time they register, an authorization from their parents or guardians. In addition, the physical condition of the participants must be appropriate to the distances and difficulties of the routes, and access to them may be denied due to technical considerations of the organization itself.

Registrations are made through the email and requests will be attended in order of arrival up to a maximum group of 50 participants per route. All detailed information about the program is available on the web.

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