The Benalmádena Hospital (Málaga), a center belonging to the Virgen de la Victoria university hospital complex, through its Radiodiagnosis service, has just incorporated a new state-of-the-art equipment for carrying out computed tomography (CAT) studies.

Likewise, through the investment plan in high-tech equipment that is carried out at the national level, coordinated with the different autonomous communities within the framework of European recovery funds (Inveat), the incorporation of the new equipment acquired supposes not only an increase in the operational capacity to carry out these studies, but rather an increase in diagnostic precision to carry out this type of frequent procedures.

The first patients are already benefiting from this new radiology equipment these days, after training and updating the specialized technical personnel that the Radiodiagnosis service of this hospital center has, the Board has indicated in a statement.

In the same way, and to favor the comfort of the users who come to this service to carry out studies, a decorative vinyl-panel has just been installed, within the Humanization plan that the health complex is carrying out to improve the warmth in the patient care in the different areas and services, as established in the guidelines set forth in this matter by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs.

The specialist in Radiology and head of service, Mercedes Acebal, explained that “the Radiodiagnosis service of the hospital complex is immersed in a series of actions aimed at renewing some high-tech equipment.”

Acebal has highlighted that “simultaneously, activities are being carried out aimed at improving the environment of the facilities with pleasant and friendly decorations that improve the experience of the patient when passing through our centers”.

In this sense, they have stressed that the renewal of Radiodiagnosis equipment equipment is aimed at improving the response to the care needs of the reference population and will be carried out progressively and with prior planning so that it does not affect the normal service performance.

The Radiodiagnosis area of ​​the Benalmádena Hospital has carried out a total of 1,232 CT Computerized Tomography studies throughout the first half of this year.

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