Elijah Bendodo, Minister of the Presidency, thanked the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, “who welcomes us on this visit. The SAS manager is also with us on the visit at the end of the works of this San Pedro de Alcántara health center. We are here to announce the end of the works.

The Junta de Andalucía has invested a total of five million euros in these works. «It was a historical debt that the Government of Andalusia owed to the residents of San Pedro, who had been waiting for fifteen years. Since the year 2007 The previous heads of the Government and the City Council signed the first agreement. It has been this Government of change that has promoted this work ». In the coming weeks the equipment will begin and “we want it to be operational before the end of the year.”

Bendodo insisted that “it is one more project of this historic debt that the previous Government left in our land. We went from an old building with limited space to a modern center. Medical consultations are increased by thirteen, two for minor surgery, mammography rooms are expanded. The Andalusians have chosen us to solve the problems and many are historical. This government wants to make life easier for the people. ‘

«The verbiage is not worth, you have to talk about facts«; said the counselor of the Presidency. «We have arrived, we have finished the works in a timely manner and after ten years of standstill. On the other hand, the works to expand the Costa del Sol Hospital have already been awarded. The SAS manager gives us joy because the projects are streamlined. The investment is 75 million euros. These projects have been paralyzed for years, they were abandoned to their fate and this government is unlocking it.

For Bendodo “health was one of the things that had to be improved. When we came to the government, the last socialist budget was 8,500 million euros and this government is already going for 11,000 million. Then they did not invest. We have opened the Estepona hospital, we are going to put out to tender the works of the third hospital in Malaga. This Government is complying ».


On the other hand, he insisted that “primary care is very important. Not only here, but throughout the Costa del Sol we have a planned 29 million euros, of which half will go to primary care ».

Andalusia «has already overcome the fifth wave of Covid. The cumulative incidence is practically the lowest in the last year and a half. We have gone from 1,000 to 75. This will allow us to progressively make decisions to return to normality. Any new strain can ruin this whole strategy, “added the counselor. 90% of Andalusians over 12 years old already have at least one dose on.

Another idea he contributed is that “Andalusia, which has more inhabitants than Catalonia, is asking for more investment. We would accept the amount planned to expand the Barcelona airport. Andalusia is not going to miss any opportunity. Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia are the three worst financed communities in our country ». Precisely Juanma Moreno is going to meet with the presidents of both autonomies. «The debt of the Government of Spain of Andalusia exceeds 10,000 million euros. We want that money to be able to make a lot of investments, “said Bendodo.

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