The general coordinator of the PP, Elías bendodohas participated this Saturday in the Executive Committee of the Popular Party in Marbella, where he has taken the opportunity to celebrate with angeles munoz the victory of the ‘popular’ in the municipal elections, where it has managed to revalidate the position with an absolute majority despite “the dirtiest campaign of the PSOE in all of Spain”.

In his speech, he recalled that “not long ago we were here in the same room, in the same format of the act and we asked trust and justice to the residents of Marbella”, something that, in his opinion, has been fulfilled with Muñoz’s victory in the elections on May 28, where “Marbella spoke loud and clear”.

For Bendodo “not everything is valid in politics”, and after pointing out that as campaign coordinator he has traveled the whole country, “I have seen how the opponents spend it: some play fair, we are not going to fool ourselves, others play less fair and others play very dirty”, but “the PSOE’s dirtiest campaign I have seen it throughout Spain here in Marbella”, he criticized.

Luckily for the ‘popular’, “the people have spoken, the people do not understand that and I have given them the broad confidence in the Popular Partyto Ángel Muñoz”, and he has justified it in “the management that he has done these years and for the outrage that they have tried to do with it”.

Therefore, it considers that “the best years of Marbella are yet to come, and it will do so hand in hand with the PP”, encouraging people to go “massively” to vote on July 23, the day of the general elections, so that the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez “pass over to the opposition as soon as possible”.

And it is that for Bendodo, this Monday begins the second part of a soccer game that began on May 28, and where “we won 2-0, by 760,000 votes”, which will be played on the 23rd to “finish off the game and for gain“.

The objective, he pointed out, is to achieve a country led by the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “Imagine a Spanish government rowing in favor of Marbella, Malaga, Andalusia… That is what we need,” he concluded.

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