If I were in Marbella, Beret would return again and again to delight us with his poetry. The singer gave a concert last year in which he left wanting more and that has brought him back, not once, but twice to the Starlite quarry in his most special year, on his tenth anniversary, to make us enjoy its great themes full of love, sadness, illusion and a lot of heart.

«If it were up to me, if it were up to me, I would do the impossible to have you whole. Ay, ay, ay, that if it were up to me, you would be the air that moves my flag … ». This is how Beret began his second concert in Marbella this summer between applause, shouts and a chorus of an entire quarry that was living his music and his lyrics.

Beret, in his second concert at Starlite, in Marbella.

‘Seize me’, ‘Kill me’, ‘Call me’, ‘Hopefully’, ‘Come back’, current songs from his album ‘Prisma’, which also left space for his oldest songs, those that gave him his beginning and that conquered hundreds of hearts as ‘Tell me who really loves’, ‘Ten thousand whys’, or ‘Pandora’. In addition, they could not miss the collaborations with Pablo Alborán, ‘Sleep’; Melendi, ‘Right from the start’; or Morat, ‘Please don’t go’.

Beret, in his second concert at Starlite, in Marbella.

A concert that had it all: good music, his voice so peculiar and special, and his lyrics so captivating that made their fans sing like there’s no tomorrow. Even Beret encouraged his audience between clapping hands and the cante of ‘Bará, bará, bará, beret, beret, beret …’ that resounded throughout the Starlite quarry. A unique moment that will remain in the memory of all those who attended his first concert and for those who repeated once more, marked by the singer’s songs that have appeared in each stage of their lives and that have represented a feeling, a inspiration, a lived situation and an indelible mark.

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