The binge tourism has returned to the luxurious Puerto Banús after the end of the restrictions on mobility and health due to the pandemic, characterized by young people and foreigners, although in a lower proportion compared to other years and it is also noticeable in the old town of Marbella, according to the sources consulted.

The president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Puerto Banús, Giuseppe Russo, has pointed out that “unfortunately” there is in the marine space the so-called binge tourism, assuring that “we have had complaints”. “It is a classic and after the pandemic there are people with the need to do more things and it is not easy to control themselves”, declared the representative of the group.

Thus, he stressed that after years marked by restrictions as a result of the health crisis, this type of tourism “looks a little“, highlighting”the typical fights between drunks“, which generates “unpleasant situations that happen everywhere.”

Regarding the profile, he has detailed that he is “people who are more correct in their country, but who comes and transforms into flip flops and jeans” with “excess alcohol”, while “businessmen are waiting to make cash”.

In this sense, he stated that after the restrictions, the drunken tourism “has returned and can be seen on the street”remembering that “it calmed down a lot with the pandemic and it is beginning to return again”, which is mainly reflected in “the fights”. In his opinion, this type of tourism gives a “dire image”, for which he requests “more police presence”.

Businessman Miguel Gómez, owner of the Gómez & Molina jewelry store, has assessed that “we are more permissive when it comes to having these tourists and We leave you wide open for behaviors of ethyl control“, something that according to what he has remarked “more is allowed to be in a destination like the Costa del Sol”, believing that it is a “mistake”, since “being determinant with the rules It is not at odds with tourism”.

“It seems that it has calmed down a bit, but we always have that sword of Damocles on us,” said the jeweler regarding drunken tourism, being the place that concentrates the largest volume “Puerto Banús, but we are also seeing it in the old town” of Marbellanoting that they can be seen in both enclaves at “people bare-chested or drunk,” which “gives a bad image”.

In this way, he has criticized that during the summer season behaviors such as circulating “in a bikini” on public roads can be seen, “barefoot, spitting or doing their business in any corner” or “going practically naked in the street, people go down Ramón y Cajal avenue or the old town without a shirt”, which “It shouldn’t be allowed.” Regarding the image of the destination that this type of tourist gives, he has indicated that “it is not pleasant and a balance must be sought in everything because certain behaviors should not occur on public roads or in establishments facing the public, but rather at parties. private or at home.

Last May, Molina already announced that the “bachelor parties” to Puerto Banusand that groups of people with “inflatable dolls” or with “penis on the head”, for which it requests against it “forceful measures by the authorities, both informative and sanctioning”.

Juan Carlos Clares runs ‘Marbella segway tours & bike’, a business dedicated to the rental of bicycles and other motor vehicles in Puerto Banús. The businessman has pointed out that “in July there has been drunken tourism or bachelor parties”, although he stressed that “less” than other years. In this regard, he has pointed out that the closure of the Sisú hotel after burning last summer “has been noticed” because “it brought many people from that history of fights”.

He has indicated that “the second street” of Puerto Banús is the one that brings together most of the problems related to this model as it is where “there are all the discos tourism that “does not occur in the restaurant area”. Regarding the profile, he pointed out that “it is people between 25 and 35 years old who is coming for a week of vacation”, who “does not eat expensive places”, but in fast food places and people of “Algerian or Moroccan” origin, but who “live in France in Belgium”.

The owner of the Jackie Jean Obsesión shoe store in Puerto Banús, Nabil Habib, highlighted that “there is drunken tourism, cars at high speedsrobberies, people begging on the street or street vendors with copies”, although he has clarified that “there is less and it is not as much as other years”. It is mainly “young people who do not spend, only on alcohol, with drunkenness and vomiting”, especially foreigners. In his opinion, these aspects “weaken the prestige of Marbella”, for which he demands “security, protect the Golden Mile” and bet on “prestigious tourism”.

María Morcillo participates this summer in the International Craft Fair with Silver or feather, a stall where he sells jewelry. The merchant has pointed out that “there is not an exaggerated tourism” of drunkenness, but she looks “people who come drunk being funny without being funny and messing with people. The craftswoman has taken advantage of the occasion to criticize the organization of the fair, with the installation of “low quality tents, without advertising and without decoration”, offering products that are “resales from China from the industrial estate”.

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