The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Bisonte operation, has dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the retail sale of drugs in two houses Mijas and Fuengirola and has arrested five people.

The research It began after learning that drugs were being sold in two houses in the towns and, after taking steps, they verified that it was members of the same family clanbetween 72 and 18 years old, who used one of the houses where they lived for the sale of drugs and the other to store the drugs and the benefits they obtained, the Civil Guard explained in a statement.

In the Registration 20 grams of cocaine, 14 grams of heroin, four grams of amphetamines and 7,645 euros in cash have been seized from the homes, as well as utensils for preparing the doses such as precision scales, packaging, adulterating substances, etc.

Due to these facts, arrested five people and investigated another who are accused of crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal organization, being placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

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