Bonanza Street, in Las Chapas.
Bonanza Street, in Las Chapas.

Marbella City Council is carrying out work to improve road safety and pedestrian mobility on Bonanza Street, one of the main Las Chapas arteries. The Councilor for Works, Diego López, together with the head of the district, Carlos Alcalá, visited the works today and explained that the objective of the action “is give continuity to the pavement of the northern area with the creation of a new section to avoid dangerous situations for passers-by, as the neighbors had demanded.”.

The mayor, who has detailed the details of the project to citizens and merchants, recalled that it is a road “very busy due to access to the beach, the proximity of an educational center and the existence of different establishments.”

The works, which are framed within the Urbanization Plan, focus on an area of almost 200 square meters, where a 1.2 meter wide sidewalk will be set up with ford-type curbs to delimit vehicle accesses. Likewise, the street will be equipped with three pedestrian crossings; one to connect the road from north to south through a speed bump and the other two to link the new infrastructure from east to west.

Finally, it has indicated that the entire section will be marked with horizontal indicators and eight vertical posts. The councilor has emphasized that the improvements that are being undertaken in Bonanza Street are in addition to other actions already carried out or in execution, such as the works on Jacaranda street or the asphalt in different parts of Las Chapas, which “in addition to guaranteeing road safety, their objective is to create new infrastructures and equipment to revitalize the area and improve the quality of life in a highly populated district of our municipality that has more than 14,700 residents”.

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