It happened early this Thursday, at the gates of a well-known nightclub located in the Marbella marina. Apparently the goalkeepers of the premises they tried to prevent several foreign women from entering the premisesfor unknown reasons, when allegedly assaulted them.

According to the images of the fight spread on social networks, the workers push, hit and they take young women repeatedly, even reaching throw them on the ground, in an attempt to get them away from the front door of the nightclub. The altercation occurred in the presence of numerous witnesses who were waiting in line for their turn to enter the nightclub.

It is unknown if the girls have injuries. as a result of the beatings and if they have denounced the facts. At the moment, the National Police assures that they have no evidence that there is an open investigation into this event, they have informed this newspaper.

During the wednesday morning another brawl also took place in Marbella, specifically in the Puerto Banus area. One citizen hit another until he cornered him and threw him to the ground, in the presence of numerous people who witnessed the scene, who could also be related to the conflict, according to the video also broadcast on social networks.

Although the reason for the conflict and the number of people involved are unknown, some neighbors assure this newspaper that the altercation occurred around 6:00 a.m. between two groups of foreign citizens.

Although the confrontation took place at the doors of a restaurant, its owner clarifies that the conflict did not start within your establishment nor does it bear any relation to it, since at that time the premises were supposedly closed to the public.

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