Two young people from Fuengirola have promoted the ‘Bupyt’ mobile application, aimed at university students looking to share transport and a flat. This free digital platform, operational for three days, offers the possibility to students, who are developing their careers at the UMA, to have information about other classmates who want to share a car and expenses. In addition, it is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and decongest traffic. This app will also offer information on events of interest and specific promotions for this sector of the population. This was announced today by the Councilor for Youth, José Martín, accompanied by the promoters of the initiative, Alba Arroyo and Ilias Benchraka.

“Today we come to present an application created by two young people from Fuengirola, Alba and Ilias. An app, called Bupyt, Search for flats and transport, which is aimed at Fuengirolans who are studying at the University of Malaga and who, thanks to this platform, can find other colleagues who want to share a car, and not only that, but it also allows you to find rental apartments as well as those in which you want to share rooms or rent them”, said Martín, highlighting that “from the Department of Youth we see that it is an app, at no cost to the user, very useful and interesting for many youths. Thus, from the Fuengirola City Council we want to transfer our support to them and to all the young people who decide to promote their projects and initiatives. I wish you much success.”

For her part, Alba Arroyo explained that “it can be downloaded completely free of charge, both on devices with an Android operating system and with Apple iOS. Our mobile application mainly benefits young people, not only from Fuengirola, but from all over Malaga, and not only so that they can find shared transport, thus avoiding going in so many cars and reducing emissions to a minimum, but also, and seeing the needs that we had when looking for a rental apartment, on our platform you can upload offers from those who want to share rooms with other university students. And it is that in addition, the application has a filter in which you can put the characteristics, qualities, type of companion that you prefer… and thus adjust to what you are looking for as much as possible”, she pointed out.

The ‘Bupyt’ app will also have other sections, as its creators have explained, such as a forum where young people can exchange opinions on different matters of interest to them or books; a section of events of interest in the province or exclusive promotions in restaurants, bookstores, cafeterias… aimed at young audiences.

For his part, Ilias Benchraka commented that “this project arose before the pandemic, with Alba in a whatsapp group with many more university classmates where proposals for carpooling were launched but so many messages arrived that it was almost impossible to arrive on time to take the square, but with the COVID issue we left it aside until, after a few months, we began to recover our idea. We resumed our initiative, we found a programmer, Victor, we saw the needs that young people had and from there we developed Bupyt”, he commented.

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