Business and civil collectives of the city have called a march which will take place next Sunday, November 21, to ask the central government to expedite the stabilization projects for the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro, an appointment that will depart from the La Bajadilla fishing port at 11:00 to La Fontanilla beach.

The march will be called ‘Marbella for its beaches’ and has been presented this Monday by a group of entities led by the president of the Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), José Luque, who has highlighted that the project dates from 2017.

During his speech, Luque lamented that “years of delays and broken promises have caused that today the 27 kilometers of Marbella beaches are seriously damaged, threatening its own existence in some sections ”.

“The reflection we make is that after having come out of this pandemic, already in economic recovery, we think it is magnificent opportunity to accelerate the regeneration of the beaches of Marbella ”, has referred the business representative, who recalled that“ every summer we attend astonished the eastern storms that sweep the beaches and with the importance of not being able to do anything ”.

For this reason, it has requested the central government to “solvent this pending account with the municipality“And” expedite and complete the much-needed stabilization with dikes and regeneration of Marbella and San Pedro ”.

Luque has alluded to initiatives developed by other destinations such as Estepona in La Rada, Malaga capital in Pedregalejo and el Palo, Barcelona in Poble Nou, San Remo, Nice or Cannes, which “have been able to solve their problems of beach regeneration”, despite having problems similar to those of the Costa del Sol city , which recalled that they are derived from “the lack of aggregates, the dynamics of the coastline and urban development ”.

The president of the Association breakwaters emerged for Marbella, José Miguel Lima, stressed that the group fights so that “The stabilization of the beach in the project between the Puerto Deportivo and El Ancón in Marbella be expedited and the beach of San Pedro ”, as well as expected that the central La Venus beach join this initiative or “a special project is done because this beach is very marbelleros”.

The president of the Business Association of Travel Agencies of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (AEDAV), Sergio García, has regretted that “a complaint that there has always been from foreign tour operators the thing is Marbella does not have good beaches “, highlighting that “today there are many emerging markets in all parts of the world with better beaches ”. Thus, he has been convinced thatif we had better beaches, we would surely have more tourists ”.

For his part, the representative on the Costa del Sol of the Malaga Hoteliers Association (MAHOS), Luis Quiroga, highlighted “the influence of good beaches on a coastal city “, highlighting that “when tourists come they do not understand how in Marbella there are these beaches that are a bit unworthy”, for which he has remarked the urgency of action on the coast.

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