The people of Casarena today celebrate their patron saint’s day. Today is a very special day because it is celebrated on the day of Our Lady the Virgen del Rosario del Campo. Alejandro, spokesperson for the Brotherhood, and Diego, older brother, have been aware of all the activities held, despite the incidence of Covid.

Last year not many could be done activities that this year have been done, even going out of budget. The people are happy with what the brotherhood is doing. The acts end today Saturday with the celebration of the Day of the Virgin that will include the Holy Flamenco Mass in the morning and a mass sung by the Brotherhood choir that will take place in the afternoon.

To respect sanitary measures, this year there will be no procession either. But we will have the special proclamation, which will be offered after the sung mass, and in which the 15th anniversary of the Twinning with the Brotherhood of the Virgen del Carmen de La Línea de la Concepción will be commemorated.

In previous years the liturgical acts have begun with the transfer of the image of the Patroness from the chapel in the Plaza de España to the Convent church, where every day, the neighbors could attend the mass dedicated to adults, young people and kids. Finally, this year the presentation ceremony of the casareñitos to the patron, which was not held in 2020.

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