The Casares City Council invests every year in new cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) spaces and there are already 14 defibrillators for public use in Casares, Secadero and Costa.

A new training campaign is currently being prepared aimed at the professionals closest to the cardioprotected points: merchants, hoteliers, taxi drivers, teaching staff and municipal staff. And a pocket booklet with directions for use and locations has been produced and distributed to local stores.

The Casares City Council government team has been working for the health and safety of people for more than five years by investing in the installation of a network of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) points in municipal public spaces, in order to promote the cardioprotection through early defibrillation and reduction of sudden death.

Currently there are 14 defibrillators located in public spaces, municipal facilities, schools and sports centers in the three urban centers, which mostly have access from the outside to allow their use at any time. An endowment with which Casares consolidates itself as a cardioprotected municipality.

The municipal effort is completed with a new training plan aimed at the professionals closest to these cardiopulmonary resuscitation points, to which merchants, hoteliers, taxi drivers, teaching staff and municipal staff will be invited. In addition to the publication of a pocket manual to distribute to the population with instructions for how the defibrillators work and with indications of all the points where they are installed.

A training campaign that completes the one carried out in 2016 that included local police, hoteliers, educational, sports and municipal personnel, with which the City Council intends to refresh memory and increase the number of people who know how to use these defibrillators correctly to help save a life.

List of defibrillators in the municipality:
🔸 Blas Infante School
🔸 Soccer Stadium “May 1”
🔸 Municipal Gym
🔸 Llano Parking
🔸 Plaza of Spain
🔸 Blas Infante Cultural Center / Recinto del Castillo
🔸 Camachas street parking
🔸 Monte Street
🔸 Office of the Mayor of Casares Costa
🔸 Taxi rank / Casares Costa crossing
🔸 Office of the Mayor of Secadero.
🔸 Los Almendros School
🔸 Plaza Andalucía / Municipal Nursery
🔸 Multipurpose Building / Gym.

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