The headquarters of Izquierda Unida Casares, one located in Casares pueblo and another in El Secadero, are from today safe and reporting places for women victims of gender violence and their environments. This was presented this morning by its local coordinator, Chelu Herrera, and the head of the feminism area of ​​IU Casares, Rocío Ruiz.

Violet Point It is an instrument promoted by the Ministry of Equality to involve society as a whole in the fight against sexist violence and to extend, on a massive scale, the information necessary to know how to act in a case of violence against women.

As explained by Chelu Herrera, starting today, “in visible places of our headquarters will be placed identification posters of this important campaign for continue fighting against sexist terrorism that our society suffers”.

Posters include a QR code that can be scanned for download a very complete guide on how to act in case of being a victim of gender violence or how to help if you are aware of sexist violence in your environment.

For her part, Rocío Ruiz has pointed out how important it is for people who are knowledgeable about sexist violence to know how they have to act to help the victims. And for this reason, this guide that is included in the campaign aims to be a useful instrument for society as a whole, but especially for the environment of victims of sexist violence.

As Ruiz has mentioned, “you may know that a woman close to you is being a victim of gender violence, or perhaps you have witnessed an attack on the street or you hear her on the other side of the wall and you have doubts about how to proceed”.

With this tool, IU aims to help you knowwhat to do, to understand what sexist violence is and why it happens. Since they understand that all people can be a key piece, violet points, to accompany and care for the victims.

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