The prestigious National Geographic magazine has made it clear when choosing the five most beautiful towns in Malaga: Frigiliana, Casares, Mijas, Genalguacil and Archidona.

“The castle of Casares, a fortress built by the Arabs in the 13th century, was created as a defensive bastion of the Nasrid kingdom, and its walls delimited the extension of the town. Today they are one of the few vestiges that remain standing ”. Thus begins the description of the Casareño municipality in the magazine, where the most beautiful of its streets and its history stand out.

Likewise, mention is made of the church of the Incarnation, “With a Mudejar bell tower, the parish temple of San Sebastián and the picturesque hermitage of Veracruz”. A description that leaves Casares in a very good place and where each of its wonders is highlighted: “It is difficult to imagine Casares without its viewpoints. Perched on top of a hill at the foot of the Crestillina mountain rangeIt is hard to believe that this town clinging to the mountain is just 15 km from the Mediterranean. A panorama tinted with lime that captivates by the arrangement of its houses like stacked sugar cubes, hence Casares was baptized as “A hanging town”. The vision is completed by reaching the Sierra de Ronda and the Campo de Gibraltar, enclaves that border this Andalusian jewel ”.

Once again, Casares once again stands out among the most beautiful towns in the province of Malaga in both national and international media.

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