The Casares City Council has announced scholarships to study languages ​​abroad, with the aim of facilitating training through the completion of specific courses abroad for the workforce, whether they are people who are working or actively looking for a job.

An initiative that aims to help the population to improve their knowledge, due to the importance of using a second language in the labor market.

The application period is open from today October 21 to November 4.

The City Council of Casares allocates 6,000 euros to this new call, for which they will be granted 4 scholarships of 1,500 euros that the recipients must allocate to finance part of the expenses destined to carry out an intensive language course abroad (European Union), during the established period.

Recipients of these grants are persons registered in the municipality who are active: as well as entrepreneurs, working or as job seekers.

Those interested can apply for the scholarships at the Casares Town Hall, the municipal offices of Secadero and Costa, and through the digital headquarters until November 4.

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