Casares will celebrate next week the Festivity of its Patron, La Virgin of the Rosary of the Field. So, the liturgical acts begin on Wednesday with the Triduum to the Virgin that concludes on Friday with the Mass for the presentation of the Casareñitos.
On Saturday, September 4, there will be a Flamenco mass at 12 noon with Diego Reyes, Niño Montecoto, Iván “Tomatito de Casares” and Javier Pineda “Potaje” on guitar. And at 8 o’clock in the afternoon there will be a mass sung by the Brotherhood choir in which the local children will present the offerings to the Virgin and which will include the Proclamation.
This year, due to the health situation, the procession or other mass events will not be held. From the City Council of the municipality they inform that the programming will be the following:

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