Casares City Council has launched new help lines for different groups in the municipality such as students, entrepreneurs or athletes.

On the one hand, the call for aid for the self-employed, entrepreneurs or micro-enterprises has been opened, a line endowed with 10,000 euros that aims to promote the local economy, helping new business initiatives in the municipality.

In business matters, the application period for start-up aid for hospitality businesses has also begun. Some subsidies to which the City Council will allocate a total of 30,000 euros in order to promote the opening of new bars and restaurants.

On the other hand, in educational matters, you can already apply for transport aid, a measure that aims to collaborate financially with the students of the municipality who carry out their studies in public centers outside the town. The City Council allocates 2,000 euros to this tool.

The request for the acquisition of books for educational cycles not covered by the regional administration is also open, a line endowed with 5,000 euros.

Finally, aid for athletes can also be applied for, subsidies that aim to encourage participation in federated competitions or events outside the town that are endowed with 13,000 euros.

All open grants are available at the municipal electronic headquarters You can also consult the Secadero and Costa Mayor’s Offices at the Town Hall, where both the decrees with all the information and the application documents are available.

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