A plan designed and prepared in collaboration with the different social groups and which represents a roadmap for working across the board on equality and gender. Soon the Plan will be presented to the rest of the citizenry.

The councilor of this area, Chelu Herrera, accompanied by the deputy mayor Antonina Pineda, have been in charge of presenting it to the women’s association, within the round of meetings scheduled to publicize this plan. A document that is the result of work with the Casareña society that has been prepared over 18 months in which information has been compiled and the main lines of action have been drawn up that serve to achieve real equality in the municipality.

A first step to achieve the stated objectives, through talks, informative actions and other strategies included in the Plan in which the women’s association has a fundamental role. In this sense, Grecina de Villlarraguz has raised from the outset the need to invigorate the association with attractive programming that calls for the new generations to become actively involved in this movement.

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