The Casares City Council subsidizes the acquisition of books for university, high school and professional training students. Aid can be requested until October 28 in any of the City Hall registers, Mayor’s Office holdings and in the electronic office.

Within the framework of the Educational Aids, the City Council has opened this call for applications in 2021 to request aid for book expenses. Some subsidies aimed at students of the municipality who are studying university, high school or vocational training studies, in public centers.

The objective of these grants is to collaborate financially with the students of the municipality, in the cost of acquiring books, in the cycles in which the administration does not take charge. The Consistory allocates this year an amount of 10,000 euros, which will allow the granting of up to 100 individual grants of 100 euros.

Yesterday the call was published in the BOP and today the deadline to request the aid has been opened, which can be done until October 28 in any of the records of the Casares City Council, Mayor’s Office holdings and electronic headquarters, where it can also be obtained the application form.

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