The Department of Culture commemorates the International Day of Flamenco in Casares with several initiatives aimed at highlighting the fact that on November 16, 2010 UNESCO recognized Arte Jondo as a World Heritage Site. This year the activities focus on various proposals from the Municipal School of Dance on the Fandango de Casares and on a musical performance where flamenco is mixed with other music and other artistic disciplines.
The Municipal School of Dance has prepared a publication entitled “Vive el Flamenco! Get to know the Casares Fandango ”that will be distributed on Tuesday November 16 among the students of the school and the schools of Casares and Secadero. An informative publication about the past and present of both the fandango and the neighbors who preserve the old local style, a musical memory of the old peasant festival of the town. On the same afternoon, the students of the school will perform a Flashmob, a small exhibition of flamenco dance and Casareño fandango, in public places in each of the three urban centers of the municipality.
Days before, on Saturday November 13, the show “Hospitalidad” is presented at the Casares Cultural Center, a musical performance in which flamenco, poetry and painting intertwine. The last edition of the Rosa Fina de Casares Flamenco Festival focused on the encounter of Arte Jondo with the visual and audiovisual arts through different activities. Among them was the exhibition of flamenco paintings and video-creations by Patricio Hidalgo who returns to Casares participating in this performance that presents an original scenic combination of flamenco, the poetic word and living painting. The performance will begin at 10pm with free admission until full capacity is reached.

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