With the V Ruta de las Recoveras, the Casares Town Council recalls the route that many local women made on foot in the post-war period. Most of them were mothers, widows or wives of victims of the Civil War who, in order to survive and support their families, walked 50 kilometers from Casares to La Línea with baskets loaded with eggs and other farm products to sell and/or exchange them. at the Gibraltar border for other products that were scarce under Franco, such as chocolate, coffee, sugar or tobacco.

The participants will not only enjoy a route with an exceptional natural and landscape wealth, but they will also participate in an act of memory, in which the legacy of many fighting women, and also men, who have been a reflection of dignity. Some stories of women who are examples of life and on which it will be possible to deepen in the round table that will take place on Friday afternoon with María José Carmona and Javier Martos.

Entries can be made from today until October 16 at the Blas Infante Birthplace or by e-mail at turismo@casares.es

Like every year, the route from Casares to La Línea Gibraltar can be completed in its entirety or in some of the sections: from the town of Casares to Secadero, from Secadero to San Roque and from San Roque to La Línea/Gibraltar. What must be specified in the registration so that the City Council can organize the buses that will take and pick up the participants.

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