Casares is one of the 41 municipalities of Andalusia competing this summer for the Green flag from Ecoglass, an initiative that tries to increase the levels of pickup of glass containers and mobilize the population.

The population of Casares recycled 168,891 kg of glass packaging waste in 2020, which means 24.5 Kg Per inhabitant. The municipality has more than 80 containers, one igloo for every 82 inhabitants.

The Green flag from Ecoglass is a campaign that aims to award the effort of the establishments hoteliers of the area and the activism of the coastal municipalities.

Ecoglass has established a specific scoring system to distinguish with the Green Flag to the Town Halls more committed with recycling and sustainability, with criteria such as: increase of the volume of pickup selective glass containers compared to the previous year, the percentage of local hospitality participant and the commitment acquired by the local councils to promote the campaign among the hospitality industry.

The municipalities that manage to increase their ratios of collection of glass containers, despite not being the ones that have increased that figure the most, will receive a recognition singular by Ecoglass for the effort made and to improve awareness in your locality.

Juan Luis Villalon, invites citizens to work for sustainability, to increase the separation and recycling of waste.

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