The City Council continues to subsidize the books to the schoolchildren of the two cycles of Infantile of the municipality

To make it easier for families to collect the vouchers known as check-books, this year the delivery for students of 3, 4 and 5 years of Infant CEIP Blas Infante has been modified, which will be carried out directly at the same school, where There are a total of 104 students enrolled in this cycle.

In the case of the Infantil students of the Los Almendros school, the families of the 35 enrolled schoolchildren are collecting their check-books at the Secadero Mayor’s Office.

Also at the Mayor’s Office of Casares Costa, schoolchildren who are registered in the municipality and who are enrolled in a public education center in neighboring towns can collect these vouchers for textbooks and educational material.

The Casares City Council is one of the pioneering institutions in subsidizing textbooks to all schoolchildren in the municipality since 2000, and currently continues to assume the cost of those not subsidized by the Board, as is the case of the two cycles of Children registered in the municipality and who are enrolled in a public education center.

The Consistory has allocated 18,000 euros this year for these subsidies, which are intended to support families in the expenses caused by the start of the school year, equating their situation with the students of the Primary and ESO cycles, for which already There is a Free Textbook Program, established by the competent administration in educational matters in Andalusia.

In the case of municipal nurseries, the Consistory also provides all students with a uniform and the educational method, bonuses that are managed directly from the Nursery, some subsidies to which 7,000 euros are allocated per year.

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