The Casares City Council continues to bet on the rehabilitation of its historic center, for this reason, the mayor Pepe Carrasco has already delivered the first three financial aid of 2021 for works of renovation of houses in the historic center of Casares and, currently, another three grant applications are being processed.

The City Council has allocated this year about 160,000 euros in grants for the conservation of houses in the historic center through two calls: grants for the Rehabilitation and Regeneration of Buildings, which are endowed with 117,837.80 euros, and in which the subsidies granted are framed, in addition to the aid for Facade painting, to which 41,461.23 euros are allocated.

Both calls for grants are aimed at preserving the image of a white village in the historic center of Casares, for which the City Council supports the inhabitants in maintaining their homes.

Rehabilitation Grants

For the Aid to the Rehabilitation and Regeneration of the buildings of the Historic Center of Casares, grants equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the works, up to a maximum of 15,000 euros (5,000 euros for line 4).

4 help lines are established: rehabilitation promoted by users (for the people who inhabit the property, whether they are owners or tenants); rehabilitation for the purpose of renting or selling; the buildings destined to commercial use or tourist accommodation; and those derived from a municipal action order within the Municipal Housing Program, Rehabilitation and Regeneration of the Historic Center of Casares.

Aid for Facade Painting

For the painting of facades, a maximum of 600 euros per house is established, with the aim of improving the aesthetics and recovering the image of the “white town” so characteristic and significant of Casares. Those who have a home located in the historic center of Casares, whether they are owners, tenants or have a transfer of use of it, can benefit.

The two calls are open until November 30 or until the consigned credit is exhausted. Subsidies can be requested at the Casares Town Hall and Mayor’s Office, as well as at the electronic office.

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