The liturgical acts begin this afternoon in the Church of the Convent with the Triduum to the Virgin that lasts until Friday with the Rosary at 7.30 am followed by a sung mass at 8 pm. Today it is dedicated to adults, tomorrow Thursday to young people and Friday to the little ones, with the presentation of the casareñitos.

The religious acts culminate on Saturday, September 4, with the celebration of the Patron Saint Festival.

At 12 noon a flamenco mass is celebrated with Diego Reyes, Niño Montecoto, Iván “Tomatito de Casares” and Javier Pineda “Potaje” on guitar.

And at 8 o’clock in the afternoon there will be a mass sung by the Brotherhood choir in which the local children will present the offerings to the Virgin and which will include the Proclamation.

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