Casares will once again be a setting where a movie will be shot. The actor Pedro Casablanc is back behind the cameras, after his experience in 2009 as director of the short film ‘Bubble’, to now shoot ‘Sacrilegio’, a short based on the homonymous work by Ramón del Valle-Inclán.

It tells the story of an accusation and an execution that takes place between a band of outlaws who, fleeing from justice, hide in a lonely place in the Serranía de Ronda.

Sacrilege It is a movie inspired by the aesthetics of the westerns of the 70s. “Everything that has to do with Andalusia, its history, its culture, its folklore, are my source of inspiration,” says director and producer Pedro Casablanc.

“My maternal grandmother was from Ronda and she used to tell me stories about sugarcane and bandits. That is why I use the work of Valle-Inclán as a literary basis to create this situation of men on the fringes of the law who seek a religious redemption ”.

Pedro Casablanc

The production has a marked Malaga character, having on board the producer Jorge Rivera and the NEVERA AZUL collective, with Paula Bello Landesa and David García Ahumada, as well as a fully Malaga technical team. The actors are also mostly from Malaga. The cast and the rest of the crew will be released in the near future.

Filming is planned for May 2022 in the Malaga municipality of Casares and is currently in the pre-production and financing phase.

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