The Department of Sports has just published in the Official Gazette of the Province the bases of a new line of financial aid that aims to support local athletes to promote their participation in federated competitions and sporting events.

This line of financial aid from the City Council of Casares is intended for athletes, individual or collectively, attached to any sports federation, who are registered in the municipality of Casares. Two types of aid are established: to transport, for athletes who participate in federated competitions outside the locality throughout 2021, and a second line of aid aimed at participation in sporting events.

As reported by the Councilor for Sports, Nicolás Morales, the bases establish different forms of aid to collaborate in transport, for athletes who participate in federated competitions and in clubs outside the town, and for participation in sporting events during this year , so they can also be requested for competitions held throughout 2021.

A total amount of 25,000 euros is established. For those who participate in federated competitions, transport subsidies have been stipulated for different amounts per month during the season, depending on whether they are provincial, regional or national competitions, and additional extras for being part of a Provincial, Autonomous or National Selection of any sport modality. And on the other hand, aid is established for registration in specific sporting events. With a maximum of 100 euros per registration and a limit of 5 sporting events per year.

With this call for grants, the Casares City Council intends to support local athletes by promoting and encouraging their participation in federated competitions, as well as in sporting events.

Applications can be submitted to the Town Hall registry, to the Secadero and La Costa mayoral offices and through the municipal electronic office.

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