The City Council completes the maintenance and fine-tuning work while the schools start this week the informative meetings for the families. Next week the new school year begins and everything is already underway to start in the best possible way.

The City Council, as every year, has carried out general maintenance work, setting up blinds, door inspections, wood repairs, plumbing maintenance, electricity, etc.

In addition, the interior and exterior painting of the Blas Infante school, the dining room, the library, the perimeter walls and the treatment and painting of metals has been carried out.

As every year, a thorough cleaning and disinfection has been carried out in all classrooms and common spaces. Review and fine-tuning of the Air Purifiers Network

Regarding the material, the acquisition of 625 agendas has been carried out, for the students of the two schools of the municipality, with the theme of Biodiversity, and which has involved an investment of 2,800 euros.

Some investments that are added to the delivery of the Checkbook for the students of the 2nd cycle of Early Childhood Education.

This year Yoga will also be recovered at school, for the Infant students of the Blas Infante school, with an hour and a half a week of this discipline, which will be organized by the Center’s Management in coordination with the cycle’s regular teachers.

The City Council also makes transport available to families free of charge for ESO students residing in Costa and Disseminados, and for students from Costa who have a canteen service.

Other services that will be launched on September 13 and that are entirely financed by the municipality are the morning classroom, the ludoafternoon, supervision and surveillance of the Educational Center in the Afternoon Hours and the change of clothes for infant students.

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