On Casares 21 mega projects of photovoltaic plants and 11 of wind farms have been presented, which would affect not only their implementation, but also the number of evacuation lines that would cross the municipality, forming a tangle of cables and electrical towers that would cause a great landscape impact and would impede the development of the municipality.

For this reason, the Consistory has set up an information point where advice is offered for present allegations to affected neighbors for renewable energy projects.

The information and advice point is installed in the municipal building of Camachas street from Tuesday to Thursday (August 31, 1 and 2 of September) during the hours of 9 to 2. To attend it is necessary get appointment on the phone 600 47 87 67.

It is aimed at affected owners down the evacuation line Esparragal-Jordana, that they have already received notification when the declaration of public utility of the infrastructure has been requested and that open the term for submit allegations until September 10.

The Town Hall and the Municipal Environmental Technician explained that the City Council’s work was focusing on defending the municipality for its great ecological, heritage and environmental value, and supporting affected residents. And they stressed that although the City Council is not against green energies, it is opposed to speculation and is against its wiping out our municipality, so the intention is that the energy transition be made in a sustainable way.

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