The mayor has attended this appointment accompanied by other councilors and municipal representatives from a total of 70 Andalusian towns that are being affected by the massive arrival of photovoltaic projects. Different conservation and neighborhood associations and groups have also attended today’s meeting in Seville.

The mayor has insisted that the City Council is not opposed to the development of renewable energy, but to the megaprojects that may affect the municipality, for which he has once again asked the Andalusian Government to protect rural areas and regulate organized this type of initiative.

In the municipality of Casares, 21 photovoltaic plant megaprojects and 11 wind farms have been presented, which would affect not only their implementation, but also the number of evacuation lines that would cross the municipality, forming a tangle of cables and towers electricity that would cause a great landscape impact and would impede the development of the municipality.

The City Council has already held different meetings with the neighbors, to listen, inform and take steps jointly for the benefit of the municipality, with different actions to order this type of initiative.

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